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Chapter 678 

Hinata’s dream is like all naruhina’s fans dream!


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I still love you.

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You're such an annyoance.

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NaruHina: Our Tomorrow

Just a quick doodle because NaruHina is one of my OTP’s and I don’t give it enough love.

Naruto/Hinata © Masashi Kishimoto

Art © Me

"Kushina..you made me your husband..
you made me into the fourth hokage..
you made me this boy's father!
And I.."
"You helped me find the right path..
You changed me! Your smile is what saved me!
That is why I'm not afraid to die protecting you!
Because… I love you…"


A quick sketch of Sasuke’s new design. I actually think that his duck-butt hair might just peek out at the top… we’ll see soon enough!


190914 by Ramen-shuriken

The last Naruto the movie: Sasuke Uchihas design
↳by Masashi Kishimoto


It's gonna be a looong double date.
Requested by: anon.

Team 7 is finally back!

Let’s go, Sakura! Sasuke!

This is goodbye..


Cherry blossoms?
for: eternaldarks.

itachi and sasuke + morning